Hey I’m Mike

I’m a South Dakota-based photographer currently living in Sioux Falls,SD

I’m thankful that my work allows me to pursue my passion for traveling and photographing what I see along the way. I have been documenting wedding days since 2011 and I've had the privilege of photographing ceremonies across the Midwest and beyond. It’s a journey that’s given me the opportunity to connect with incredible people along the way and share in the many different ways they celebrate. Each time, my goal is the same: to capture their day purely, joyfully, and honestly.

In addition to my wedding work, I’m involved in a number of projects close to my heart. Having studied Photo Journalism in school, my greatest passion has been the love for scenic photography and documenting weddings.  I believe my passion for storytelling, my fine arts background, and my editorial eye have lent me a unique perspective on documenting weddings—it’s what gives my photos the intimate and unique magazine look and feel! When my schedule allows, I love to capture some unique, stunning and breathtaking scenic images

Though I was born in Compton, CA and raised in Texas, I moved to Sioux Falls South Dakota in 2003.  And while I prefer the the southern love back home, I’m happy to be experiencing life here in Sioux Falls, SD with my wife and 2 beautiful children. Life couldn't be better!