Lilijana is the sweetest and spunkiest 4 year old around. She loves spending the with her family and her two sweet pups, Mady & Ela. While at home, we will almost always find her in a princess dress or digging around in her moms jewelry and makeup. She is the best at finding hidden snacks in the pantry, and even sneaks the pups some treats here and there. She’s a lover of all things chocolate and any type of bubblegum she can get her hands on. She loves anything related to dance and kicking a soccer ball around. Lilijana truly does love everyone and every animal she meets, she will do anything to you smile, whether it be a doing a silly dance or giving you tickles. She loves impromptu dance parties and will get our entire family involved, even the dogs. She has a smile that lights up any room she enters and the most contagious laugh.

Ambry Montreal

Ambry Estelle
She is sweet yet sassy. Independent but loves to be where mommy is at all times. Loves snuggles and all things chocolate. Admires big brother Eston. Laughs with daddy. Loves her pup pup Ace. Enjoys singing, dancing, gymnastics. Could swing, ride bikes or jump on the trampoline all day. Loves all things girlie: dolls, barbies, Polly pockets, princess dress up, coloring, play doh. She’s silly and spunky and loves to make others smile!

Kya Daniels

This girl right here is so full of life! Kya loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys traveling. Kya LOVES to dance and is part of a competitive dance team that gets the opportunity to travel around the U.S. She is so smart and outgoing and definitely keeps us on our toes! Kya Rae Daniels, you are light of our lives...we love you more than you will ever know. You will do amazing things!