M I C H A E L D A N I E L S B R A N D I N G & L I F E S T Y L E P H O T O G R A P H Y


 First impressions count. Get it right and your potential clients will read on and get to know you and your brand.

Head shot photography is about producing a one or a few images that can be used across the web and in brochures as a way for others to identify who you are and as a brief introduction. Personal branding photography is more than just a head shot or two. We produce lots of imagery with personality so that clients feel like they can get to know who you are and therefore connect with you and your brand ethos. This is so important because if a client views you as approachable, it means that a client is more likely to reach out and book your services.

Personal branding photography is about producing a collection of photographs with personality that communicates your personality, energy and brand story to your audience. It shows that you care about your image and how you are perceived.

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You only have a number of seconds in which to capture the attention of a potential client. Creating visually stimulating content is the key to making sure that your prospect clicks through to visit your website, remains on your website and ultimately clicks the contact or buy button. There is a deluge of competition out there. You need to stand out and the very best way to do this is with visual storytelling. Our brains are wired to love beautiful imagery and to create a narrative from those images.

Once you have your images you can use them for everything and anything. Here’s some places that clients use their images;

  • Social media avatars

  • Social media posts

  • Headers and banners

  • Your website

  • Email signatures

  • Newsletters

  • Speaking pages and Marketing

  • Printed media such as newspaper articles, magazines etc


There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” 



Personal Branding With

Dr. Meghan Montreal